Museum Exhibition Identity

I created a theoretical travelling museum exhibition and made an accompanying brand identity guide. This exhibition would travel to different art museums and would showcase art of all mediums created by LGBTQ+ artists and designers. I chose the name Throwing Stones as a callout to the Stonewall Riots, as well as to make the metaphor of a stone being tossed into still water creating ripples, as queer artists have made ripples of influence in the art world.

To create the identity of the exhibition, I started with determining the color scheme. I wanted colors that were emblematic of the culture, so pink and blue were a must, as well as a couple accent colors which felt more modern and fit the avant-garde theme. The typeface for the logo evokes a certain nostalgia for past decades, while the paired typeface provides balance with a contemporary feel. Together these represent the timespan of the show, from the 1950s to now.

Brand Applications